Ecological Native Chemical Free

Maintianing your garden naturally is our passion. We offer a wide array of services to help you keep the gardens around your home just how you like it. Spring and fall clean-up, natural fertilizer and compost application, garden design, planting, dividing, weeding, light arbor work, debris removal, light hardscaping, lawn maintenance, ecological design, side by side gardening, and more... 


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All initial consults and estimates are free. After that we offer a variety of consultation services to fit your needs. 

Our Promise

We believe in being conscious stewards of our delicate urban ecosystem. The urban environment has a lot of green space to offer and we believe that it is just as important to be organic in the city as it is outside of it. The use of chemicals in the city can affect our drinking water and the contaminated runoff can poison the ecosystems in our natural spaces and water ways. 

This is why we practice IPM, use only natural insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Create garden design which responds to the attributes of the garden and employ native plants to do their good work. 






About Us

We started with a small base and grew

This company was built from the ground up and is still growing. Jen was working for another local landscaping company when she started to take on some side jobs to make extra cash. Over time this grew into a viable client base that allowed her to quit her main job and start a business of her own with Claire and Paul. Paul left and Meg joined the crew and with her brought some clients that she had gathered. Together we each bring clients to the table and we all contribute our talents to make the collective run smoothly.