Reflections on a year

As we are putting our gardens to bed throughout Pittsburgh and its nearby hills, we are also putting to bed our own garden of work for 2018.  This past year has brought us so many new opportunities and challenges and we are so thankful to be able to share them with our clients.  From tackling invasive plants with our flame thrower to observing the results of several years of natural soil building methods, we are here to tell you- it works! Approaching the landscape from a natural perspective just plain makes sense, it’s a great return on an investment- bees and butterflies approved!

This season was a testimony to good rain gear, with above average rainfall and a compacted urban setting, we are experiencing a host of new challenges in an ever-changing ecosystem.  This reality is what keeps us on our toes and why we try to be as immersed in our local, regional and state-wide educational resources.  We, three are all now individually certified through the Sustainable Land care Accreditation at Phipps!  Claire had a really great experience in the course this past spring, she enjoyed networking opportunities and appreciated the focus on sustainability!  This past June, Meg and I were able to attend the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference in Millersville, PA.  This 3- day conference brought many different aspects of the industry from design to technique and tactics, we were inspired by new approaches, made connections to strengthen our network of advocates and left with greater sense of purpose for our work. 

We know a new season is coming, and after winter holidays have passed, we will begin a time spent in quiet contemplation of the year, updating our skill sets and Vitamin D and appreciating a time to focus on projects.   With fervent excitement for the year to come, I know this winter will be a productive one for every one of us!


I, for one, know that we feel utterly blessed to be able to put our passion into practice and to share that with others.  


Paying mind to the cacophony of the world around us, I can only hope our work offers our clients and passersby an opportunity to gaze in wonderment of the natural world and experience a moment of peace within.


In kindness, humility and gratitude,