Phipps Sustainable Landcare Acreditation

Winter time is good for something and that something is research and continuing education.

The Dirt team certainly has been busy.  From Jen combing through the pros and cons of various client user software, Claire researching databases, and to me taking every class I can grab. While continuing ed can sometimes be redundant and boring it can also be exciting and new! Its always good to review and see things with new eyes because who knows you might have missed something!

I've (Meg) been working on a Sustainable Horticulture and Native Plant Landscapes and a Landscape and Garden Design certificates from Phipps for two years now. The classes are great and I look forward to finishing it soon! I think you'll see my drawings have improved.

The whole crew (Claire, Jen, and Meg) went to a Estimating and Bidding for Landscape Installation class offered through Penn State Extension. This two-day intensive workshop was designed to help participants understand how to determine the overhead of operating a landscaping business and create a bid. It was taught by a man who owns a ground up successful landscaping business out of the Penn State region and who also graduated with a degree in Landscaping Business from Penn State University. MCed by none other than the infamous Sandy Feather it was a nice way to spend two days indoors with the other ladies at the new Penn State Extension office in The Energy Innovation Center. 

And finally we (Jen and Meg) took The Sustainable Landcare Accreditation Course. Modeled after the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Organic Land Care Program we spent four days at Botany Hall absorbing a wealth of information on topics such as Soil Ecology; Site Analysis and Design; Organic Pest, Weed and Disease Control; Storm Water Management; Invasive Plants and more. We got to see Sandy Feather again presenting on pests and diseases. So we passed our exams and we pledged to provide only sustainable land care according to the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care. For more info on this great course click here

Soon will be having a Dirt retreat in town. We'll be focusing on integrating all we've learned from our hands on experiences over the past few years running the business together and all that we've learned from these great classes!

Peas and Lovage,

Meg Graham