Dirt Landscaping Collective is a women owned and operated ecological and chemical free landscaping business.


We are passionate about native plants and creating garden spaces that you and all the living things in your garden ecosystem can benefit from. 


The Women of Dirt

Portraits by Dirt Landscaping Collective

Jen Lazzaro and Fin
Founder, Owner, Operator

Jen comes to Dirt with an interest in plants, nature, and a certificate of permaculture design. Beginning her life on a farmette just outside of Pittsburgh; Jen was exposed to the wonders of ecological natural gardens, streams, and woods from a young age. Jen has been working as a landscaper for eight years and brings to it all her eclectic farming and homesteading experiences.  When not fielding phone calls and e-mails from clients Jen can be found birding, searching for new hiking or camping spots with her dog Finn, and working in her vegetable garden.

Claire Ward
Founder, Owner, Operator

Claire comes to dirt as a steward of nature, with a strong work ethic, and a passion for the outdoors. Claire started working as a landscaper five years ago and has become very dedicated to the field ever since. One of her many titles at Dirt is accountant extraordinaire. Before Claire came to Dirt she worked for Three Rivers Rowing Association as a kayak instructor, programmer, and fundraiser. While not hustling on the job site Claire is off adventuring and spending time with her dog Elfie out in the woods or on the river.

Meg Graham
Owner, Operator

Meg comes to Dirt Landscaping with a great passion for growing and maintaining plants. Meg worked at The High Line Park In Manhattan for two years and attended a horticulture internship at Wavehill Garden in the Bronx. Upon returning to Pittsburgh Meg collaboratively started two urban farms and one rural farm. Besides imagining and drawing garden designs for clients Meg is interested in native plants, herbal medicine, insects, permaculture, water conservation, cooking, world music, and yoga.


Associates & Staff

Rebecca Plum
Part Time Owner, Operator



Heidi Tucker
Promotional Designer




Dirt is not hiring at this time. We are always looking for artists, designers, and other like minded businesses to partner with. 

Thank You!